Fall 2015

PSC 300 – Authoritarian RegimesSyllabus

Course Description: This is a course in comparative politics designed to provide students with an introduction to the politics of authoritarian regimes. There are two dimensions to this course. The first is theoretical, intended to provide students with a general skill set that can be used to differentiate and study different types of authoritarian systems. The second is comparative and empirical, intended to provide students with an opportunity to apply theory to real cases, both past and present. Throughout the course we will learn about the basic institutional structures of authoritarian regimes, how they differ across cases, as well as the political, economic, and social implications of these institutions on the countries they govern. We will study the authoritarian regime as a distinct form of polity, as an antithesis for democracy, and as a grey area in between those two. Finally, we will consider the authoritarian regime in the context of international relations and international political economy.

PAI 710 – International Actors and Issues ( With Renée DeNevers) – Syllabus

Course Description: This course is a graduate-level overview of contemporary theories and issues in international relations and comparative politics. Policy makers rarely explicitly articulate theoretical arguments, but policies are informed by such conceptions of politics and the nature of the international system. Different theoretical approaches will typically, although not always, generate conflicting policy advice. Understanding the logic of different theoretical approaches and the policy assumptions generated by them will enable students to be more effective practitioners. Therefore, this course has three main aims: To expand familiarity with a range of theoretical approaches and key issues in international relations and comparative politics. To develop an understanding of key concepts and theories that inform policy choices. To improve writing and other modes of communication crucial to careers in this field