Book Project: Retrofitting Leninism:
Participation without Democracy in Modern China

Under Contract with Oxford University Press

This book explores the interface between public opinion and authoritarian resilience through the lens of participatory governance in China. The book makes three key points. First, public participation is a prerequisite for effective and legitimate administration, irrespective of how a regime is constituted. Second, a regime’s ability to solicit, process, and recast public input into policy outputs is central to its political durability. Third, technological advances in communication make it easier for authoritarian regimes, particularly those with Leninist foundations, to correspond with the public. This new capacity undercuts prospects for genuine democratic progress.

Using archival data, media reports and a series of original opinion polls, I show how public inputs are incorporated into marketing and implementing top-down policy outputs. To unpack the interface between inputs and outputs, I focus on proposal-making and government responsiveness in local Chinese legislatures. Finally, to evaluate downstream impact, I estimate the effect of open policymaking on sub-national regulation and government approval. The findings suggest that public engagement contributes to both policy stability and positive perceptions of policy. Taken together, the findings also highlight the crucial, yet far from certain, role of voluntary participation by Chinese citizens in facilitating regime maintenance.

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